Laznia Nowa Theatre during seven years of its existence has earned a solid brand on Polish theatre market, creating among others: Genius Loci Theatre Festival, The Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival and Slawomir Mrozek’s Festival. Laznia’s performances were rewarded many times and invited on numerous festivals. Because of specific concert space Laznia Nowa hosts many music events such as: Sacrum Profanum or Unsound Festival and concerts – from club music to stars like Guano Apes, Apocalyptica or The Residents.

Despite localization and counter to stereotypes of hopelessness of Nowa Huta district there are many international projects and co-productions produced in Laznia. On the basis of close cooperation with inhabitants programs and author’s performances are created. Laznia’s actions are multilevel - just to bring together different types of audience. We are interested in ‘theatre for people’. We fight for each and every viewer, we do not lock ourselves in the tower made of  ivory. We revert to fundamental questions of poeple strongly connected to the place and its role in the development of local community. We firmly believe in theatre becoming axis mundi in the district – daily, inhabited place. Affirmation, belief in creative strength of human being and straightforwardness enabled Laznia to take root in the district, win over faithful audience and make plans for the future.

In the current season we have crossed borders and exceeded limits. We developed projects inspired by the icon of bringing himself to perfection /Bruce Lee/, distant cultures /Japan/ or everlasting man’s dreams /flying/.

We want to fire the imagination of viewers and all together fight with the grayness of everyday life, reveal liberating power of a dream and – as Peter Pan – lead them to the child hidden in every adult.